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Boy did i get a wrong number is a 1966 deluxe color american comedy film starring bob hope and elke sommer this film marked the first of three film collaborations for hope and comedian phyllis diller and was followed by eight on the lam in 1967 and the private navy of sgt ofarrell in 1968.

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how did this get made with paul scheer jason mantzoukas and june diane raphael have you ever seen a movie so bad that its amazing paul scheer june diane raphael and jason mantzoukas want to.

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Free esl games ideas free mp3 songs free english shows site for esl teachers in elementary schools updated monthly available in japanese and english there.

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why did i get married is an american play written by tyler perry the version recorded and released on dvd starred cheryl pepsii riley as sheila lavan davis as poppy donna stewart as diana tony grant as troy and cordell moore as mike.

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2018 data based on decided races and fivethirtyeights analysis of unresolved races as of nov 15 seat change calculated by how many seats the presidential party gained or lost based on the.

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All of the planets except for earth were named after greek and roman gods and godesses jupiter saturn mars venus and mercury were given their names thousands of years ago.

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The marlins fell short of their big demands for their star catcher but the return could pay off if their new no 1 prospects arm can hold up.

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How mary pauline lowry went from knocking all things matrimonial tosurprisegetting hitched.

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Todays wonder of the day was inspired by nicole from al nicole wonders how did the months get their names thanks for wondering with us nicole.

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