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New ufo sighting - 3 - Norbrook community in st andrew

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Span classnews_dt12032018spannbsp018332ufo encounter new footage shows us navy pilots apparent sighting of alien craft near east coast newly declassified video shows us navy pilots apparently encountering a ufo.

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The kenneth arnold ufo sighting occurred on june 24 1947 when private pilot kenneth arnold claimed that he saw a string of nine shiny unidentified flying objects flying past mount rainier at speeds that arnold estimated at a minimum of 1200 miles an hour 1932 kmhr.

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Alejandro rojas is a radio host for open minds radio editor and contributing writer for open minds magazine as well as openmindstv for several years alejandro was the official spokesperson for the mutual ufo network as the director of public education.

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Full sighting description use a word processor to carefully compose and spell check your report then copy and paste it into this box enter as much detail as you can such as descriptions of the objects seen what they did how many of them were observed and what shape and color they were.

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Federal authorities at chicago ohare international airport received a report that a group of twelve airport employees were witnessing a metallic ufo saucershaped craft hovering over gate c17.

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ufo sighting photos leaked out of nasajohnson space center 100 clear ufos in high detail.

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Nuforc website updated on march 15 and march 16 2019 we have updated the nuforc database both yesterday and today with the posting of 143 new sighting reports received via our online report form.

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The chicago ohare ufo sighting occurred on november 7 2006 when people at chicago ohare international airport reported a ufo sighting.

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president jimmy carters sighting of a ufo and rosalynns of a ghost jimmy carters weird science politico oct 20 2010 carter as president was enthralled by and impressed with the central intelligence agencys use of parapsychology in intelligence gathering.

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